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Full Body Workout!
Here is a full body workout you can do from home… Workout 1 minute each… High Knees Jumping Jacks Run in Place Jump Rop Circuit Repeat each one 3x before moving onto the next one 1.  20 Squats, 15 Jump Squats, 10 Burpees 2.  20 Mountain Climbers, 15 Push Ups, 10 Dips 3.  20 Alternating Continue Reading
Leg Workout
Hey guys! Here is a killer leg workout you can do anywhere… 100 Squats 90 Walking Lunges 80 Mountain Climbers 70 Plie Squats 60 Calf Raises 50 Glute Bridges 40 Skaters 30 Step Ups (each leg) 20 Jump Squats 10 Burpees Take a 30 second rest between each exercise.  See if you can go though Continue Reading
Cardio at Home
Can’t get to the gym or maybe you don’t have a gym.  Here is a 30 minute cardio circuit you can do anywhere. 2 min Jumping Jacks 2 min High Knees 2 min Mountain Climbers 2 min Squat Jumps Rest for 30 seconds after each set and Repeat this 3 times. Good Luck!!!
Do Anywhere Toning Circuit!
You can do this total body workout anywhere … No Gym No Excuse!!! 1 Minute – Squats Rest 10 seconds 1 Minute – Lunges Rest 10 seconds 1 Minute – Push Ups Rest 10 seconds 1 Minute – Bridge Rest 10 seconds 1 Minute – Plank Rest 10 seconds Repeat this circuit 3x … HAPPY Continue Reading
Burpee Challenge!!!
Try this Burpee Challenge. Time yourself, you want your goal time to be 15 minutes. You can do this workout at home, in a gym or even outside. So no excuses!!! Good Luck!!!
Why you need SQUATS in your life!
If you are looking to gain muscle or lose weight, squats is one of the best exercises you can do.  Squats engage your core, glutes, outer thighs, quads and hamstrings.  Squats also helps you improve your balance, as well as, protect your knees from injury. Squats help out your entire body, just make sure you Continue Reading
10 Minute Workouts!
Don’t have time to be in the gym for an hour?? Here are some workouts you can do anywhere and its quick. 1. Running – Run as hard as you can for 10 minutes.  Believe it or not an all out 10 minutes will charge and strain your cardiovascular and energy system. 2. At Home Continue Reading