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Competition Time!
It’s that time for me again … Competition Time! I’m about 12 weeks out and its time for some serious training and dieting.  Wanted to share with you guys what my diet is going to consist of … Meal 1 – 4 egg whites and 1/4 cup steel oats Meal 2 – Protein Shake Meal Continue Reading
Ever wonder what exercise works which area of your glutes /butt??? Well here it is…
Healthy Foods
As a personal trainer I get asked a lot, “what type of foods can I eat to burn fat and build muscle?” Here is a list of just some foods that you can start with … – Almonds : Build muscle and reduce cravings – Eggs : Build muscle and burn fat – Turkey and Continue Reading
Eating Clean!
People always ask me “How do I eat clean?” Here are just a few guidelines you can follow to get on the path of clean eating … – Consume small meals, anywhere from 5-6 per day. – Drink Up!! Drink lots of water, minimum of 8, 8oz glasses per day. – Consume NO processed foods! – Continue Reading
What do I eat after a workout?
People always ask me “What do I eat after I workout?” What you eat after a workout truly matters, no matter what time of the day you exercised. It is key to follow up with meals that combine protein to help your muscles recover and carbohydrates to replenish energy. You want to eat within 30 Continue Reading
Sunday Funday!!
Sunday Funday usually means a CHEAT DAY for some, especially me.  To make sure you don’t fall off track, keep Sunday Funday to a cheat MEAL vs a cheat DAY. Pick the meal that you are craving the most and go for it!!! Keep the rest of the meals and snacks healthy and you won’t Continue Reading
One of the worst things you can do is not drink enough water.  When you don’t drink enough of water, your body holds on to the available water in your body.  This excess water shows up on the scale!!!! So make sure you are drinking plenty of water daily.  I recommend drinking 2 liters or Continue Reading