Personal Training Packages

Training Packages come with customized workouts, suggested meal plans, suggested grocery shopping lists, online/phone support and a social media post on Simply Fit’s Facebook Fan Page and Instagram commemorating your commitment to fitness!


$80 Per Single Session

$400 – 6 Pack

$800 – 12 Pack

$1,520 – 24 Pack

BUDDY UP…Train With A Friend!

$400 – 6 Pack, $200 each

$800– 12 Pack, $400 each

$1,520– 24 Pack, $760 each


Do you hate going to the gym because you are intimidated by the machines?  Maybe you don’t know how to use the machines properly? Look no further, this package is for you!  This package includes 6, 30 minute sessions for $300.  It includes a step by step guide through your gym on how to use the machines.  We will break down the sessions into legs, back, shoulders, arms, chest, abs and cardio.  By the time we are done you will be walking into the gym like a pro!

Please email me at for more information about personal training.